Using Craigslist with Google as a Free Advertising Media

Craigslist and Google can be a boon for a small business owner vying with the crowd for search engine positioning. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an important component of an online marketing strategy. Additionally. Backpage another media similar to Craigslist, can also be used to effectively boost web site ranking. Together with paid advertising and effective sales strategies, Craigslist and the power of Google can be harnessed to steer web traffic to a new website.

Craigslist Local Advertising with a National Marketing Campaign Twist

While Craigslist is considered a local media phenomenon, the way a new small business marketing entrepreneur sets up his Craigslist ad can mean a significant increase in web traffic on a nationwide basis. The point that needs to be made is that Craigslist is one of the most successful online sites in the world. Google will index Craigslist (and Backpage, to an extent) as a consequence of its success. If an ad in Craigslist is set up correctly, the website can enjoy almost instant success. This can undoubtedly be considered an important staple of small business guerrilla marketing.

 Setting up and ad on Craigslist does not automatically result in instant business. Most certainly, the website owner must insert the ad correctly with respect to Craigslist rules and terms. Also, he must also be aware of Google’s guidelines for this strategy to result in increased page views and revenue. Certainly and most importantly, the Craigslist posting must be well written and compelling enough in terms of basic SEO requirements, for someone to click through to the site’s landing page.

Effective Craigslist Marketing Strategy and Tactics

Assuming that the user has an optimized and functioning site, what rules should one follow to make a Craigslist posting effective? The following offers a few simple guidelines.

  • Craigslist utilizes basic & (simple) HTML code. An ad should be between 100 and 700 words.
  • The ad should have links pointing to a specific web site
  • Place the link at the beginning of the ad making sure that it is part of a sentence
  • Place (a href=””>Yourwebsite(/a) (using “<>” instead of “(” for the code)
  • The topic of the ad must be the same as the site to which it links or points
  • Place the ad in the Small Business Section of Craigslist
  • Place h1 tags around the title of the ad inserted within the body of the ad, preferably near the beginning
  • Use and follow tried and true effective SEO techniques for the ad.

All of above assumes that the market in which the web owner is competing is not overly saturated. If placed correctly, many times the Craigslist posting will appear within the first page of results. For more detailed information, one should investigate with Google searches to find some of the sites with this type of information. This tip is brought to you by MIG welding review site Tool Guides Hub.

Although the number of business based ads on the world wide web is staggering, effective SEO and judiciously placed Craigslist posting can push a website, even a new web site, to the forefront of eCommerce success. Obviously, it must follow the rules set up by both Google and Craigslist to succeed. Assuming that the basic net strategy makes sense, the rest is relatively simple and inexpensive.