Using the excuse “because I am young” is a great opportunity to explore opportunities beyond your boundaries. Being able to explore past your boundaries because you are young is what can make a young entrepreneur ideal and fun.

The advantage of being a teenager is having less responsibilities and being able to waste time. This is what sets you apart from your parents. If you have ever watched or listened to your parents, you know they are trying to cram more ways into their life to make money for the family. Even though being young has the disadvantage of lack of experience and knowledge, you can use what you do know to start being an entrepreneur.

Being young between the ages of 16-21, and a new young entrepreneur, are showing more perseverance and vitality to jump into a marketing many industries that are profitable. The minds f teenagers are developing as fast as cell phone companies are rolling out their new brands of cell phones. For the above average teenager they can earn $50 a day in a hot business market.

Rather than using a product from the past to create a new line of something that is retro, think about what the group of people you hand around with are always talking about. Use what they want from these conversations and figure out how to make it become a reality.

Being a teenager with a curious mind and an enormous amount of determination and drive, you could become the next Bill Gates, Donald Trump, or Oprah. These people didn’t let anything get in the way of their dreams. Why should you as a teenager?

As a teenager, you should consider becoming an entrepreneur because you have the fast track to many new product and service ideas. You are aware what your friends and yourself are wanting in tech gadgets and other services, like youtube and facebook, that meet the needs of your generation.

Earlier I mentioned something about teenagers and wasting time. Think about what you do to waste time between classes, what you watch on TV, and what you do on the internet. Think about what you have a hard time finding and go from there with a business idea for yourself.

Keep track of what your friends and yourself want to see come to life in your real world. Make a business plan and make it happen. Taking action to complete the steps of your business plan can make your business come to life as a teenager. The hardest part of becoming an entrepreneur is completing the tasks needed to make your business dream a reality.